Google's Self Piloted Cars Hit the Roads

If its a product coming out of the house called Google, then you must stop for a while and take a note of that. Are you from San Francisco or California? Have you recently seen a Toyota Prius whizz past your car that is fitted with some police surveillance car like equipment on the top of it? Well you can be sure then, it was a Google car that didn’t have anyone behind its wheel (at least technically).

In a recent blog post Google has revealed that seven retrofitted Toyota Priuses are cruising around the California and San Francisco’s several areas as a part of Google’s latest ambitious project. Over the past few decades, several automakers and researchers have been worked on the self piloted vehicles. But most of them either couldn’t cross the lab door or have performed under controlled test conditions. So this initial few laps by those seven self piloted cars bear a lot of significance.
Though along with the post, came Google’s official statement that this test is just a part of their various ambitious experiments that take place in Google labs, and they do not have any commercial plans for this project as of now. But one can easily make a call that with such a successful first lap in the vault, Google has every reason to be optimistic. And so there is every possibility that in coming years we could see Google venturing into a complete new avenue.

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