Search engine optimization is arguably the most abused term in the domain of Internet marketing. And the reason being any Tom, Dick and Harry today is boasting himself as search engine optimization expert. Especially the low budget - low quality service from various Indian search engine optimization companies has earned Indian search engine optimizers the tag of spammers.  Being an Indian Internet marketing professional, it hurts. But somewhere down the line, we have also been responsible for the bad tag acquired.

I believe that offering of search engine optimization service at a lower price was never an issue, as the pricing of a search engine optimization service is directly connected to the local economy and living standard. The problem aroused, when some unscrupulous spammers started calling themselves “search engine optimizers”. Though with regular changes in the search engine optimization algorithms, search engines have made themselves more sophisticated and spam proof, a few holes are still left to be plugged.

I strongly believe in clean and white hat search engine optimization techniques to optimize a site that will ensure its future prospect. And since these techniques do not stray in the grey areas, the updates in the algorithms will never make them vulnerable to penalizations.

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