Microsoft Yahoo seal 10 years deal

Well its official now, Microsoft and Yahoo have finally sealed the deal under which, Yahoo
will be using Microsoft's Bing, while Yahoo will mastermind to push the global sales for the
both. This was such a critical and important deal not just for the two, but for so many people, that many have already started to term it as the biggest deal ever sealed in the web industry. Now this deal has definitely rang the bell of a serious search war in coming days. As a result of this agreement, Microsoft will be able to report a greater share in the search market through Bing, while Yahoo will be relieved from spending any more money behind its slowly dying search engine.
After last years unsuccessful show down, when Microsoft's Chief Executive Steve Ballmer, wanting to go for a all out aquisition clashed with then Cheif Executive of Yahoo, Jerry Yang it was definitely a shy of relief and moral booster for both the camp. The credit for the deal definitely to a great ectent goes to the current Cheif Executive of Yahoo, Carol Bartz, who took the batton of command in last January, and almost immediatley she went for sealing the deal. And so far she can be considered as the conqueror of the first battle. Though the deal is done, still a lot is left to be sorted out.
According to the agreement 88% search revenue will go to the Yahoo Inc's bank account for the first five years, and this has left many in the Yahoo camp unhappy.
Specially when Carol Bartz said that the deal will fetch Yahoo great value rather than great money, it is quite obvious that Microsoft has definitely made the most out of Yahoo's current financial slump. Which is a bit disappointing according to some loyal Yahoo employees, as this reflects a compromising surrender from Yahoo's part.

MySpace cofounder and former CEO Chris DeWolfe raising money for his new venture, "Vertical".

It definitly hurts to get replaced in any sphere of life. And when after building the biggest site in the Internet from scratch, you get replaced, the pain is definitely felt in a different way. So after establishing MySpace, as arguably the biggest site in the Internet, when Chris DeWolfe got rudely replaced by Owen Van Natta, he couldn't take the incident sportingly. It was more so hard because of his eccentric nature. And if our sources are to be believed, He is now busy raising money for his new venture, VERTICAL. Now what this projest is all about is still kept tightly under wrapper, and we couldn't get a peek at it so far. But going with the dynamic nature of Chris, it can be said that, something unique, and never heard of 'thing' is coming out of his sleeves. Reportedly, he has been pitching up a number of private equity funds to raise his money. According to our source the approximate budget of the project is arround $100 million.
If every thing goes right, it will not take much time for the project to see day-light. And a person who could help a company reach from no where to every where within just the span of 5 years, is definitely capable of making it again.

Twitter Redesignes it's Home Page

It was known to all that Twitter would come out with a new design, but it would be this fast! nobody expected it. They wasted almost no time in launching their revamped new home page, which sports a distinctly clear search box meant specially for the new comers, so that they can find out, how great twitter is, apart from being just a social media site. They have used darker blue color in their design, and the design looks really sleek. It will definitely help them in catching the attention of any new visitor and impressing them. The search box instantly provides a visitor with an opportunity to explore the tweets, and get connected with it instantly. From the recent advancements, one thing gets clear, Twitter is in no mood for being tagged as just a meer micro blogging network any more. They want to make it bigger, and they want to do it in a hurry.

Microsoft-Yahoo deal, at last?

If every thing goes right, the Yahoo-Microsoft deal will at last see its day light. The proposed deal has already started showing its affect, as Yahoo Inc shares rose 4 percent Friday. This widely talked about deal is aimed at throwing a more serious challenge to Google Inc. In a recent development Activist investor Carl Icahn has also spoken out in favor of a search engine deal between the two biggies. Yahoos recent reviews in a positive flavor about MS's Bing also supports the positive development.
After last years failed deal both the parties are putting the steps very very carefully. But according to most, this is one deal that is destined to be sealed, 'today' or 'tomorrow'. The ever accelerating growth of Google Inc, hasn't really left any other option open for the two.
Yahoo chief Executive Carol Bartz wasn't avail able for any comments unlike the last time when she accepted the deal build-ups. May be the over cautious CEO doesn't want to take any chance this time, as this deal means so much to their existence( to be honest). No serious reaction was also observed from the end of Google Inc. but they definitely are keeping a close eye on the proceedings.
According to stats Yahoo's search engine share in the us market is currently about 20 percent, while that of Microsoft's is About 8 percent. So even if they merge, they are not going to dismantle the Google supremacy( currently holding about 65 percent market share) over night. But the competition will definitely get spiced up.

Twitter launches 'Twitter 101' , a step forward to the 'Business plan'

Twitter has launched its new business plan in the wrapper of "Twitter 101". Twitter, since its launch back in 2006, has been functioning as an excellent business platform for many companies. Either for approaching towards new customers, or providing service to existing customers, twitter has been doing brilliantly. Almost all the biggies in the market today has their twitter accounts running either under their official signature, or under an anonymous umbrella. So it was quite expected that twitter would not behave like a saint for long( even saints are making big money these days).
But the main thing is, whether they will be able to draw the same volume of crowd and followers, who will dare the money barrier. Getting free is one thing, as some time people tend to over look so many factors, if its free. But if they are lightning their pocket, every quarter of service will be scrutinized. So the challenge is not so simple as it seems. Now it will be interesting to see whether "Twitter" will pack enough punch in its service to allure the business eagles.
"Twitter101" consists of a complete guide for a beginner.It also also has a list of several case studies and it is also been designed in a very user friendly way.
But whether it stands up to their expectation or not , will only be decided by the time.

Yahoo aquires XoopIt for an estimated amount of $20 million!

When every body was talking about the current economic slump of Yahoo! suddenly the news of XoopIt, a third party browser side application, being aquired by them was shocking to say the least to many. Those who have heard about XoopIt, must know that it is the third party application who had won Yahoo's Open Hack Day in last December. Sources say that Yahoo has aquired it to team it up with yahoo mail, to better the photto sharing experinece through mail. They have said that it will better the experience by many folds.
All's right, but how could yahoo! afford to spend a staggering $20 million, specially from their current economic condition, which is now

known to every body. And even if they have managed somehow to make the deal, why Google had let the opportunity go.

Youtube video stats can now be made public

In a remarkable move recently Youtube has announced that all the stats regarding the videos will from now on be available to its owners for making it public. They have said that it will help the video owners to make their videos more popular and draw more audience than before. This stats include, total number of views, detailed ratings etc. Though some of the stats were available for the video owners already, but there was no option to make them public, at least officially. But from now on it can easily be done. In addition, video owners who are also Youtube's content partners, will also be facilitated by an increased opportunity of drawing more advertisers. Many are taking this move as a very interesting turn and great power booster for video marketing.

Google Finally Comes out Clean from the Search Result Controversy

A London high court judge finally ruled in favor of Google over a case that could well set the a trend for such type of cases regarding search result controversies.
A case was filed against Google by London based Metropolitan International School (MIS) regarding some search result disputes. The controversy started, when some defamatory comments made in some forum about the above mentioned institute's some distance learning program, and that appeared in the search results of Google.

MIS dragged the issue to the court only to get humiliated themselves, as judge Eady said that Google was just acting as "facilitator", they didn't published the content themselves. And since the way search engines operate, hardly leaves any scope to manipulate the search results. So there is no way, Google could be held responsible for the incident. There are millions and billions of results come out during searches through diverse key words in every second, and which result a viewer will click depends entirely upon him/her. So the user hardly stands any chance to get influenced by the search engines like Google. However the judge opined that Google must act more responsibly from the next time to deal with such issues.He said that though Google doesn't posses any hand over its result but it still must act sincerely in the cases where an individual or an organization alleges against some results that could cause their personal defamation or damages them morally or by any other means.

Google announces full fledged war against Microsoft

At last the speculations are over. Google has decided to take on directly Microsoft in their home ground itself. And despite of keeping Google's reputation of making it to the end in mind one can say that it was arguably the boldest move that they had taken. It just depicts Google's growing arrogance and grandiosity according to some, but whatever might be the reason behind such a move, I think we will be the ultimate gainer in this "WORLD WEB WAR" between the two biggest web giants.
After the moderate success of Google Chrome browser, they have decided to go for the full circle. According to Google's survey, it is the third most popular browser, with already over 30 million users. And its typical simple yet fast nature is expected to produce a perfect feat with the Google Chrome OS. And this is exactly what got reflected, when they termed this project as a "natural extension of Google Chrome".
It is expected that the Google Chrome OS will quite obviously be built on the Chrome architecture. Google has announced to target this OS initially at net books. Google described Chrome OS as,
"Google Chrome running within a new windowing system on top of a Linux kernel."

The most important thing is that it will be a open-source operating system, which will be light weight in nature. This will definitely lighten Google's development load. And at the same time it will help to make it popular among the web community too. This will most definitely compel a lot of developers to get busy in building their applications that will run on the Chrome OS.
It is expected to be available with several net books, sometime in 2010, and its source code will be made available later this year.

Mozilla's 3.5 Beta version storms its way into the Web World..

Mozilla's transition from 2.x to 3.x had earned them a whooping 8 million downloads in the first day it was available, to topple all the previous records. The main factor that had played the most significant role in this showdown, was a very successful PR campaign. And the majority of the credit should go to this campaign, which succeded to create the hoopla.
But with compare to that the release of Firefox 3.5 was a very silent affair. It saw the day light almost without any real publicity. But the sheer success of its predecessors ensured that it becomes a smashing hit over night. The internet community jumped in to hit the download button and made sure that it enjoys over 5 million downloads in the first 24 hours of availability.

The reviews so far have been very positive and encouraging. Very few of the users experienced any server mishap this time, guess they had proper planning placed in right place time. And definitely their effort was successful regarding this.
While the new additions like private browsing was welcomed by many, its strangely slow start up speed has fetched them some fierce criticism.Some felt that they should make teh option much more available(as it is almost hidden in tools) and easy to switch like Bookmark's star button. Many have also complained that newly incorporated private browsing feature does not match with the efficiency and quality of that of Chrome or even opera in that sense.
Many have also complained that many of their add ons are not working with this new kid. But overall the release has been proved to be definitely a positive step forward. And the fact is that it still works faster for most of the sites than its contemporaries. It is still miles ahead in the add on aspects, and its just got better.

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