Twitter launches 'Twitter 101' , a step forward to the 'Business plan'

Twitter has launched its new business plan in the wrapper of "Twitter 101". Twitter, since its launch back in 2006, has been functioning as an excellent business platform for many companies. Either for approaching towards new customers, or providing service to existing customers, twitter has been doing brilliantly. Almost all the biggies in the market today has their twitter accounts running either under their official signature, or under an anonymous umbrella. So it was quite expected that twitter would not behave like a saint for long( even saints are making big money these days).
But the main thing is, whether they will be able to draw the same volume of crowd and followers, who will dare the money barrier. Getting free is one thing, as some time people tend to over look so many factors, if its free. But if they are lightning their pocket, every quarter of service will be scrutinized. So the challenge is not so simple as it seems. Now it will be interesting to see whether "Twitter" will pack enough punch in its service to allure the business eagles.
"Twitter101" consists of a complete guide for a beginner.It also also has a list of several case studies and it is also been designed in a very user friendly way.
But whether it stands up to their expectation or not , will only be decided by the time.


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