Mozilla's 3.5 Beta version storms its way into the Web World..

Mozilla's transition from 2.x to 3.x had earned them a whooping 8 million downloads in the first day it was available, to topple all the previous records. The main factor that had played the most significant role in this showdown, was a very successful PR campaign. And the majority of the credit should go to this campaign, which succeded to create the hoopla.
But with compare to that the release of Firefox 3.5 was a very silent affair. It saw the day light almost without any real publicity. But the sheer success of its predecessors ensured that it becomes a smashing hit over night. The internet community jumped in to hit the download button and made sure that it enjoys over 5 million downloads in the first 24 hours of availability.

The reviews so far have been very positive and encouraging. Very few of the users experienced any server mishap this time, guess they had proper planning placed in right place time. And definitely their effort was successful regarding this.
While the new additions like private browsing was welcomed by many, its strangely slow start up speed has fetched them some fierce criticism.Some felt that they should make teh option much more available(as it is almost hidden in tools) and easy to switch like Bookmark's star button. Many have also complained that newly incorporated private browsing feature does not match with the efficiency and quality of that of Chrome or even opera in that sense.
Many have also complained that many of their add ons are not working with this new kid. But overall the release has been proved to be definitely a positive step forward. And the fact is that it still works faster for most of the sites than its contemporaries. It is still miles ahead in the add on aspects, and its just got better.


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