Microsoft-Yahoo deal, at last?

If every thing goes right, the Yahoo-Microsoft deal will at last see its day light. The proposed deal has already started showing its affect, as Yahoo Inc shares rose 4 percent Friday. This widely talked about deal is aimed at throwing a more serious challenge to Google Inc. In a recent development Activist investor Carl Icahn has also spoken out in favor of a search engine deal between the two biggies. Yahoos recent reviews in a positive flavor about MS's Bing also supports the positive development.
After last years failed deal both the parties are putting the steps very very carefully. But according to most, this is one deal that is destined to be sealed, 'today' or 'tomorrow'. The ever accelerating growth of Google Inc, hasn't really left any other option open for the two.
Yahoo chief Executive Carol Bartz wasn't avail able for any comments unlike the last time when she accepted the deal build-ups. May be the over cautious CEO doesn't want to take any chance this time, as this deal means so much to their existence( to be honest). No serious reaction was also observed from the end of Google Inc. but they definitely are keeping a close eye on the proceedings.
According to stats Yahoo's search engine share in the us market is currently about 20 percent, while that of Microsoft's is About 8 percent. So even if they merge, they are not going to dismantle the Google supremacy( currently holding about 65 percent market share) over night. But the competition will definitely get spiced up.


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