Now its Microsoft-Yahoo-Amazon vs Google in the Book Settlement issue

The challenge has become tougher for Google in the Book Settlement issue, as America’s largest online retailer and web biggie Amazon joins the hand with Microsoft-Yahoo against them. And to add salt to their wound, strong supports have been enunciated from many quarters. With a steadily growing support, this coalition is now looking to pose a serious threat to dismiss the deal that Google had struck with Authors Guild last year.

According to this deal Google gets the right to make the published books available on the Internet and in return they give back a certain percentage of revenue generated from the ads that run along these books. This deal was struck after almost a three and half year old tussle between Google and Authors Guild over the dispute regarding publishing of the books online by Google through their book search segment. But just when it was looking everything has been sorted out, it suddenly went wrong from Google's point of view. It seems that their steady growth and envious success has amplifying their enemy list rapidly.

The reason behind this new dispute is stemmed out of the concern that this deal will provide Google with an unfair advantage over other players in the digital book market.

As several groups of authors, libraries and publishers are uniting against the deal, and libraries like Special Libraries Association and the New York Library Association, supported by American society of Journalists and Authors are joining the coalition, it seems that Google is going to have a tough time ahead.

Twitter soon to make available it's 'Geolocation' feature.

Do you want to let others know from where are you tweeting ?
If you do, then it will soon be brought to reality by the Twitter team. After getting poplular through iPhone, now its turn to get popular in the webworld for "Geolocation" feature. Like iPhone, where you are asked several times for permission to enable several features of Geolocation, the Twitter version of it will also offer you to turn off this feature.
But the question is, are they somewhere compromising with the privacy of the users. Specially when you are already getting updates 24x7 from an user about his movements, was it really necessary to make this feature available where you are actually offering the users to know others geographical locations. Am I being a bit too sceptical, may be yes. But its not just me, many in the web community is getting sceptical about it. Arnold Zafra, of SearchEngineJournal also didn't hide his inhibitions about this new kid from Twitter's stable.

Well the feature is cool, but this will definitely offer the wicked members of the web community with a thick opportunity to intrude. this will definitely open up a new proxy lane for them. Though they will ofter you to turn this feature off, but still many unsuspecting member will overlook it as just another stupid security advice pop up. And this can seriously put them on high risk of playing with their social and even in some cases personal security.

Google Ranked #1 in Search Engine Satisfaction

According to a recent report published by American Consumer Satisfaction Index, who compares customer satisfaction among and across a number of companies and e-business and several other domains, Google succeeded to better its satisfied custer toll this year with last years comparison. This report also suggests that all the search engines basically improved their performance for this quarter as compared to last year.
The report says Google managed to achieve a overall satisfaction rating of about 86%, while all the other search engines managed to score just 78%.
This report published just right after the announcement of the Microsoft-Google tie up. So the effect of the deal could not be reflected in the report. But the report definitely suggests that 'Bing' has performed surprisingly better than expected. And this can give a mild pain in the neck to the leaders, Google though the maintained their supremacy, but the race was way too closer than expected. The main difference that differentiates the leader from the pack is the search volume and of course the search relevancy. But Bing is definitely by far the best bet pitched against Google ever.
Apart from the search engines, Internet Portals also did fairly well in the first quarter, which witnessed a 3.8 percent up in last year’s comparison.

Google hits back at Microsoft with its Go Google Campaign

Google launches its most vicious campaign against Microsoft till date. The war under the banner name of "Go Google" is one serious move taken against the collaborative offensive of MIcrosoft-Yahoo coterie.
"Go Google"is pitched basically against Microsoft's monopoly over business office application. Though Google Apps are in the scenario for quite some time now, it definitely could not be termed among the most successful ventures of Google. Though liked by many, some how it has still not been successful in its attempt to penetrate the hard core MS Office users heart. Google's not so impressive promotional campaign for this niche might be counted among one of the reasons behind it. But Google has decided to make up for the lost time with its newly worked out hostile ad campaign.
This campaign is also using social medias like twitter, facebook, orkut and others. And google has also gone to the extent of ditributing freebies to all its present users of Google Apps through out this August.

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