Google Ranked #1 in Search Engine Satisfaction

According to a recent report published by American Consumer Satisfaction Index, who compares customer satisfaction among and across a number of companies and e-business and several other domains, Google succeeded to better its satisfied custer toll this year with last years comparison. This report also suggests that all the search engines basically improved their performance for this quarter as compared to last year.

The report says Google managed to achieve a overall satisfaction rating of about 86%, while all the other search engines managed to score just 78%.
This report published just right after the announcement of the Microsoft-Google tie up. So the effect of the deal could not be reflected in the report. But the report definitely suggests that 'Bing' has performed surprisingly better than expected. And this can give a mild pain in the neck to the leaders, Google though the maintained their supremacy, but the race was way too closer than expected. The main difference that differentiates the leader from the pack is the search volume and of course the search relevancy. But Bing is definitely by far the best bet pitched against Google ever.
Apart from the search engines, Internet Portals also did fairly well in the first quarter, which witnessed a 3.8 percent up in last year’s comparison.


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