Social Branding

Social media branding is not just about joining all the social media networks that come across you blindly. And this is a strategic social media branding mistake that most of the people commit while optimizing their sites/brands in various social media networks. Its not a clever thing to follow the path that everybody is following without judging your spec.  So first you need to be sure about your requirements and needs while doing social media optimization for a brand. To prepare a good dish, you need to pick and mix your spices in right proportion, the same logic is cloned in case of social media branding as well. In the social media cloud, you get access to a diverse range of social branding weapons, but you need to choose the right social branding weapon that fits your needs.

Know your brand:

With the rapid emergence of the various social media networks like, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and all, everyone today is going crazy to make a positive social media image for their brand along with doing traditional SEO, email marketing and paid promotions. And this emergence has given birth to a new genre of marketers, Social branding gurus. When this new genre gave us some excellent witty marketers, it also threw a lot of trashes at the same time in to the web marketing forum. So while choosing an expert to take advice from, you should first make sure that the person you are trusting with your social image is able enough to do so. And for that the first thing you need to do is knowing your brand.

Social Media networks

Listen to people talking about your brand:

If you already have a good off line presence then there are chances that people might be talking about it in relevant forums and social media platforms, listen to them. This is one of the most important things to take notice of, before you design your online branding strategy or Social media branding strategy.

Get Social recommendations:

Try to get recommendations from your users for your brand. A neutral person endorsing your brand in the social media platforms is the best thing that you can think of. If you already have people talking and endorsing your brand offline, then you need to channelize that flow to your social media profiles and give it a viral effect.

Become partners of big brands:

Sometimes simple things can give rich dividends. Something like getting associated with a big brand can do that for you. Trust and faith on a brand comes with time, it cannot be built over night. So what you can do is, you can get yourself associated with some big brands like, becoming an affiliate or something like that. This way you can stick your name with a brand and can promote your brand in social media through this association. 

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