Email Marketing Services

Several independent marketing surveys have revealed that most of the retailers still trust email marketing as their most trusted online marketing tool, when it comes to marketing their products online to the existing or prospective customers. That only proves the effectiveness of a strategic email marketing campaign in context of a business’s online marketing success. So although many predicted that email marketing is soon going to be a passe' with the advent of SEO, micro blogging and social media networks, email marketing campaign stills remains one of the best customer convincing online marketing tools
Email Marketing Campaigns

I’ve been very fortunate of being a part of several successful email marketing campaigns that includes sending of periodic newsletter, email template design, email blasting campaigns and all. I believe in optimizing the resources to minimize the cost, and thus have invented my very own synchronized email marketing tool that not only lowers the cost of the email marketing campaign, but also optimizes the success probability of it. 

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