Microsoft Yahoo seal 10 years deal

Well its official now, Microsoft and Yahoo have finally sealed the deal under which, Yahoo
will be using Microsoft's Bing, while Yahoo will mastermind to push the global sales for the
both. This was such a critical and important deal not just for the two, but for so many people, that many have already started to term it as the biggest deal ever sealed in the web industry. Now this deal has definitely rang the bell of a serious search war in coming days. As a result of this agreement, Microsoft will be able to report a greater share in the search market through Bing, while Yahoo will be relieved from spending any more money behind its slowly dying search engine.
After last years unsuccessful show down, when Microsoft's Chief Executive Steve Ballmer, wanting to go for a all out aquisition clashed with then Cheif Executive of Yahoo, Jerry Yang it was definitely a shy of relief and moral booster for both the camp. The credit for the deal definitely to a great ectent goes to the current Cheif Executive of Yahoo, Carol Bartz, who took the batton of command in last January, and almost immediatley she went for sealing the deal. And so far she can be considered as the conqueror of the first battle. Though the deal is done, still a lot is left to be sorted out.
According to the agreement 88% search revenue will go to the Yahoo Inc's bank account for the first five years, and this has left many in the Yahoo camp unhappy.
Specially when Carol Bartz said that the deal will fetch Yahoo great value rather than great money, it is quite obvious that Microsoft has definitely made the most out of Yahoo's current financial slump. Which is a bit disappointing according to some loyal Yahoo employees, as this reflects a compromising surrender from Yahoo's part.


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