Google Finally Comes out Clean from the Search Result Controversy

A London high court judge finally ruled in favor of Google over a case that could well set the a trend for such type of cases regarding search result controversies.
A case was filed against Google by London based Metropolitan International School (MIS) regarding some search result disputes. The controversy started, when some defamatory comments made in some forum about the above mentioned institute's some distance learning program, and that appeared in the search results of Google.

MIS dragged the issue to the court only to get humiliated themselves, as judge Eady said that Google was just acting as "facilitator", they didn't published the content themselves. And since the way search engines operate, hardly leaves any scope to manipulate the search results. So there is no way, Google could be held responsible for the incident. There are millions and billions of results come out during searches through diverse key words in every second, and which result a viewer will click depends entirely upon him/her. So the user hardly stands any chance to get influenced by the search engines like Google. However the judge opined that Google must act more responsibly from the next time to deal with such issues.He said that though Google doesn't posses any hand over its result but it still must act sincerely in the cases where an individual or an organization alleges against some results that could cause their personal defamation or damages them morally or by any other means.


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