Google announces full fledged war against Microsoft

At last the speculations are over. Google has decided to take on directly Microsoft in their home ground itself. And despite of keeping Google's reputation of making it to the end in mind one can say that it was arguably the boldest move that they had taken. It just depicts Google's growing arrogance and grandiosity according to some, but whatever might be the reason behind such a move, I think we will be the ultimate gainer in this "WORLD WEB WAR" between the two biggest web giants.
After the moderate success of Google Chrome browser, they have decided to go for the full circle. According to Google's survey, it is the third most popular browser, with already over 30 million users. And its typical simple yet fast nature is expected to produce a perfect feat with the Google Chrome OS. And this is exactly what got reflected, when they termed this project as a "natural extension of Google Chrome".
It is expected that the Google Chrome OS will quite obviously be built on the Chrome architecture. Google has announced to target this OS initially at net books. Google described Chrome OS as,
"Google Chrome running within a new windowing system on top of a Linux kernel."

The most important thing is that it will be a open-source operating system, which will be light weight in nature. This will definitely lighten Google's development load. And at the same time it will help to make it popular among the web community too. This will most definitely compel a lot of developers to get busy in building their applications that will run on the Chrome OS.
It is expected to be available with several net books, sometime in 2010, and its source code will be made available later this year.


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