Viral Web Marketing is slowly but surely taking the batton away from the traditional ad campaigns.

In a time, when every one is striving to win a single ray of attention, what if suddenly the world comes to you and asks, "Whats next?"
Welcome to the new avenue of marketing..Viral web marketing or Word of mouth marketing. And it is the new Buzz. It not only saves your time and insane amount of money that you spent in an attempt to win the heart of your target audience, but it also offers you an instant stream of attentions that you have never thought of. Every day millions of dollars are spent behind the ad campaigns, and according to a current stat, almost 70% of all the ads made are just come and vanish without leaving the slimmest trail in the viewers mind. Thats a big waste!
With compare to this just a few creative hours spent behind the making of an ad with a good and enticing storyline can make the day for you. You need no superstar, no graphic wizard for it. just a simple ad that looks more of a sort story with something unconventional in it can do it for you.
It can be a sort animation film or a simple video made with no stars, but it must not speak for the product loudly. It is made in a way that even if you remove the product title, people will still watch it just for it's sheer appealing and indulging storyline.
Here I have tried to enlist some of the tricks for viral marketing.
By invoking people's emotions:
We all love to laugh, we all love to cry. so why not helping them to do that. Make them emotioal. Offer them some charaters whom they will either love or hate, but most importantly these characters should make an impression which will stay even after the ad is over, make them think about these characters. If you can do that, your 90% job is done , no matter whether your product has gone unnoticed or not. Just make them jump with excitement.
Do something unconventional:
People get bored to see good looking models and superstars promoting your ads loudly with fake emotion and excitement. They just hate it, when you pump your chest and say that you are the best and give them a thousand false reasons to go for your product. just put your self in the neutral shoes, you will also react in the same manner, its just disgusting and so boring! Make something very funny, or very dark, or very mischievous.It will definitely make your story an instant hit, and in the process your product too.
Just have a look at this very unconventional ad campaign;

Its funny isn't it?

Do follow a successful campaign with a sequel.
Once an ad campaign becomes successful, you must follow it up with a sequel. Its the best chance you get to grab your share of attention. No matter how much successful it was, if nothing follows it up, it eventually fades away from the viewers mind. So a meaningful sequel is very important to convert your effort to a success. This helps the characters of the commercial to make a bigger impact, this eventually results in helping your product to reach your target audience with a bang.
As in the above advertisement gets followed with another superb one, reflecting the same motto. And later on more and more sequels came to carry on the legacy. Here are some sequels of the above ad campaign;

Aren't they just superb..
One can also follow it up with something like say, broadcasting or popularising the

  • Behind the scene news
  • Making of the commercial
  • making a blog of the commercial

The main thing is not let the audience to foget the characters or the theme of the ads.
One more important thing is to connect with the audience using different midiums, like blogs, or live promotional campaigns. Because its very important to know the feed back of the audience about the ads. And once you get assured that they are quite interested about the ad, you must use these methods of interactions to flood them fully with feeds. This will help you to create a wide spread buzz about the commercial and eventually the products.
Let the audience get free access to everything related to the product. Like say make free videos of the product available in the internet. Let the viewers download the logos and other stuffs related to the advertisement. This is the best way to get free publicity and attention from your audience.


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