Never believe what you see!

Do you think, when you type in your favorite key words like "download Bryan Adams music" or "download free movies" in a search engine like Google or yahoo, you get the best results?
Think again.
Almost all of us by now have heard about the SEO things, but very few of us are completely aware of the inducing effect that they are capable of injecting to influence your search results.
So, listen to your brain not your eyes.
And for some strange and unknown reasons search engine majors are dealing to solve this matter with very noticeable reluctance. Isn't it fishy?
Well, lets avoid such shady stuffs for the time being, and move away the search light on some other aspects of it.
This revamped and reinforced craze for search engine optimization has been all good for one league, while completely playing with and fooling the others. So in spite of belonging to this industry, I think there should be some sort of a balance between these. At least until search engine majors come up with some really authentic and genuine algorithms to get the best search results, SEO people must be given the chance to show their parts and grab attention. What I mean to say is, until a good site, filled with good stuffs doesn't get its due from the search engines, we can not blame the SEO guys by any means for manipulating the results. How many times we see that a old site leading the search results in spite of not being the best among the lot, while a younger one in spite of boasting better stuffs not getting the chance to come up at the top. This is really pathetic. This not only deprives the site owner to get its due, but also prevents the prospective viewers from tasting it. They must do some thing, but till now it has fallen into deaf ears, or the sheer bulk of the web world has made them feel like mitigates. Whatever might be the reason, eventually its the users who are suffering the most. And people like me(shame on me buddy!) are taking advantage out of it. Please do not misjudge this as a confession statement, I was never sorry, and I'll never be sorry for what I'm doing. I think if you make a deal which is not illegal(not legal though!), you can some time over look the moral aspect of it(or is it?), specially when you are doing good for at least one community, and helping them to see the day light(or search light!).

Any ways, Microsoft recently has taken a noble initiative through it's latest counter commercial to Google, "Bing". They are claiming to provide the best search results through their smart and efficient algorithms. From a recent press release from Seattle, Washington, I have come to know that their researchers are trying to better the user interaction with search engines, and helping them to get what they exactly want and deserve, as sometimes they are incognizant about what's actually best for them. No doubt, Google will definitely take a note and come up with something new to counter them.
May be we are entering a new era. And I personally feel jubilant to think that the planet gets tougher for the SEO guys, and when the things get tougher, only the toughs get going(don't get me wrong!).


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