Is "Bing" the next big "Thing" ?

At last Microsoft has taken a serious approach in the direction of establishing it as a major search engine operator. Bing in that sense is definitely a very welcome move by them. And one has to accept that though it is just gliding through its nascent phase, it has already succeeded to make quite a buzz in the web world. That definitely is an indication of a serious search engine war between two biggies in the near future. I have been using Bing for the last three weeks, and I have used it side by side with google and some times self consciously compared the results. And my overall assessment about the new MS baby is quite positive. At least it is way better than 'Live.' The most amazing thing that has really struck me is its video search. Its just too cool, and in this particular section it has scored way greater than google. Specially the mouse over property that has been included to give users an ultimate hassle free video searching is just fantastic! I am also impressed by their image search, the" similar type image reasults" feature that was incorporated in google labs, was directly incorporated in bing. It is also an amazing feature. I really could not make a choice between the two from the web search result's point of view. In some cases google scored over bing, and in some cases bing won the race.
So over all the effort made so far by bing is quite appreciable, is'n it? I have tried to make a simple comparision among the two using the same key words.The key words i have used are,

  • bing
  • internet marketing
  • brad pitt
  • linkin park songs
And the results i found, was a bit confusing for me to a outright winner among the two.

Surprisingly my first word bing resulted in the favor of google! while bing returned its uk domain as the first result.

My next search was internet marketing, which is one of the most typed in key phrase in the web. And the result went in favor of google. As I found the google results more relevant.

My next search featured my favorite actor Brad Pitt in the form of Brad Pitt biography, and the result was again backed google.

Next I opted to go with another very popular key phrase, linkin park songs, and this time bing performed better than google.

So the final score was 2-2, which was fair enough for bing. The most important thing that really scored in the favor of bing is its no fuss and clean search results. The cherry on the top was its sleek look. Overall Bing is the thing to watch out for.

Have a look at this vedio..


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